Ronnie Hirschberg

  keys and vocals

  After learning "a chord" at the piano around age 15 in Western NY, Ronnie       decided to "retire" the clarinet and set up a Casio keyboard in the                   basement to form his first band, "The Underground." After moving to                 Burlington, VT for school he found a songwriting-improvisation balance     with his band, ironically called "Chuck." They played various colleges in     New England and NY.

  In 1995 he recorded a self-titled compilation of jazz-influenced pop   songs. In 2011, Ronnie began to collaborate with musicians outside of   Boston, continues as a singer-songwriter, and has been a proud               Butler Frog since 2012!

About us...

 Greg Mara

  percussion and vocals

 Greg Mara has been playing drums and percussion since he was 10 years old  in various bands and groups across a wide breadth of musical genres.  Greg  met Chuck, David, and Tim while sitting in on percussion at Main  Streets Cafe weekly open mic and the rest is history.

 Greg cites his main drumming influences as John Bonham, Carter Beauford,  Gary Spellisey, and his father, Kevin, who is also an accomplished drummer.

 Greg lives in Bedford, MA where he can often be found jamming out with his  son, Charlie.

 Tim Fiehler

  bass and vocals

  Tim is a prolific musician and all around ladies man.  He is about 6 feet       tall, wears an Abe Lincoln like a champ and smells like a spring morning.     Always happy, he enjoys fishing, pointing at people and collecting small       towels.

  While traveling in Italy last year, Tim was incarcerated for being too           awesome for words. He was released on his own recognizance and cannot         return until he becomes less awesome.  Tim will not be able to return.

  He is an expert balloon animal maker and is available for parties,                 although not in Italy.

 Chuck Clough

  guitar and vocals

Chuck is a singer-songwriter from Boston and is formerly of Northern Point        (2005-2010), an acoustic trio from the NY/NJ area.  Northern Point released         three albums (November, Northern Point: Live at St. James' Gate and After The       Frost).  

  In 2010, Chuck returned to his Boston area roots and co-founded The Butler         Frogs.  He and the Frogs are currently writing and in the studio. They hope to     have an EP out this fall (2016).

  In 2016 he started the podcast Above the Basement - Boston Music and
​  Conversation
with fellow frog Ronnie Hirschberg. 

The Butler Frogs were formed in 2011 as a vehicle to support individual member's original work but soon they began collaborating and will shortly release their first EP in 2016. This versatile band of New England musicians is comprised of Chuck Clough, David G. Moore, Tim Fiehler, Greg Mara and Ronnie Hirschberg.

 David G. Moore

  guitar and vocals

​  Originally from Northern Ireland, David always wanted to emigrate to the   US to sing and play guitar when he grew up.  Well he did and now he's               here... though still working on the growing up piece.  

  David's songs are guitar-based arrangements with pop-rock melodic               sensibilities and lyrics that can be both witty and emotionally                     effecting.  As a member of Washington DC based Jonasay he shared stages         with Vertical Horizon, Jump Little Children and Hootie and the Blowfish     in the early '00s.

  Today he works either with full bands or acoustically depending on which   night of the week it is.